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Action Ready CAPRARI

July 2017

Interviews - Exclusive Interviews

Action Ready CAPRARI

July 2017

WaterHQ magazine conducted an interview on the sidelines of Project Lebanon 2017 exhibition with Alessandro Bertazzoni, Export Area Manager at Caprari. Caprari group is one of the world's well-known companies in the production of pumps and centrifugal electric pumps, and in the development of advanced solutions for integrated water cycle management. Founded in 1945 by Amadio Caprari, the company has continually expanded and diversified its business, responding with innovative products and services to the specific and changing needs of the world of water, in view of a partnership with increasingly narrow and specialized customers. The company is able to meet the diverse needs of the customer, from submersible pumps for the collection of water from deep wells into the aquifer, to horizontal pumps for supplying the water system. From the treatment of domestic and industrial waste water to the transport and transfer of purified water.

waterHQ: What’s Caprari’s business history in the MENA?

Alessandro Bertazzoni: “Caprari is very famous in the MENA, mainly because we have a professional partner in the region. Our partner in Lebanon is Arison, and we are talking here about 50 year old relationship, based on personal relations between the two families Itani and Caprari. Thanks to having such a dedicated partner, we are today in a leading position in this industry. Arison is helping us grow in the market and develop relationships to advance our sales and projects.


waterHQ: How do you describe the company’s current level of growth?

Bertazzoni: Caprari is experiencing a steady growth of 5-7% per year. It’s definitely not like the golden years, but looking at the international market’s general situation today, we cannot complain at all.  The company is now developing new products and it has continually invested in diversifying its services.


waterHQ: How do you differentiate Caprari from other competitors?

Bertazzoni: Caprari is still a family business and it focuses on meeting customers’ requirements. As such we are more involved in catering to specific needs than on having a proper standardization of products. We try to fulfill our partners’ demands in every way shape or form.


waterHQ: What projects have you undertaken in 2016, and what are your plans for the years to come?

Bertazzoni: In Lebanon, we carried out two main projects. The Hadath project: it is a huge desalination plant in Mount Lebanon, and then the Al Awali project where we installed a pumping station for water distribution and water treatment. Thanks to our wide range of products, we offered a complete solution to these two important projects, which are necessary to the sustainability of water in the country. In the MENA region, we are very active in Saudi Arabia and UAE. In Saudi Arabia, we are working on many wastewater plants projects. In the UAE, we supply pumps to main projects in the building sector. Our presence is not limited to the distribution segment but we are even engaged in tailor-made projects. We are also working on improving the functionality of the achieved projects in the coming years.


waterHQ: What new innovative solutions does your company have in store for the water industry?

Bertazzoni: Caprari is a company that is continuously working on designing new pumps and new solutions for the market. At this stage, we are redesigning and offering new solutions to the wastewater treatment industry to meet the huge market’s demand. We are even developing an expansion of the range of pumps in order to carry larger water flows. Now, we are busy with these two main projects at Caprari and we trust they will be promising for the future.


waterHQ: What is your analysis of the current market for water solutions in the region?

Bertazzoni: What I can see from my constant travels is that the crises in the region have negatively affected the market, but in the last few months we started witnessing improvements. We are quite positive,  ready to serve the market, and looking for more opportunities.


waterHQ: What is to be gained by Caprari for taking part in Project Lebanon?

Bertazzoni: For us, Project Lebanon 2017 is an opportunity to showcase the comprehensive products we offer. It is also an important platform to reinforce our strength as market leaders, thanks to our partner in Lebanon Arison. It is essential to show that Caprari is still here and still strong. We are ready to take action whenever needed!

Fatima Saab

Interim Content & Research Manager

Digital & Social Media Officer