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Hamdan: REED’s Commitment to Providing Pipe Tool Solutions Stands the Test of Time

March 2019

Interviews - Exclusive Interviews

Hamdan: REED’s Commitment to Providing Pipe Tool Solutions Stands the Test of Time

March 2019

Reed Manufacturing has been producing fine tools for worldwide professional trades since its founding, in 1896, by Carl Reed. The company produces high quality pipe tools and provides great customer service. waterHQ conducted an interview with Yousef Hamdan, the International Regional Manager at Reed Manufacturing to discuss the company’s new products and project in the MENA region.

waterHQ: Can you provide us with an overview about the company? 

Yousef Hamdan: Reed Manufacturing is a family-owned innovator and manufacturer of pipe tool solutions for the professional trades.  Since pipe impacts so many markets from water to sprinkler systems to process piping to petroleum to plumbing, REED tools are found in numerous jobsites throughout the world. Developing durable, practical tool solutions since its founding in 1896, REED has the expertise and dedication to continue offering quality tools for tradesmen.

waterHQ: How do you describe the company’s current level of growth?  

Hamdan: Reed Manufacturing attributes its growth to higher than industry standards on both service and quality.  REED focuses on product development and product improvements for five key markets for the professional trades.  Working in conjunction with tool users, REED designs products for job application needs.  With nearly 125 years of history and dedication to a superior product line, REED’s commitment to providing pipe tool solutions stands the test of time.

waterHQ: What are the new products launched in 2018? 

Hamdan: In 2018 REED introduced a line of True Peel™ polyethylene prep tools for electrofusion preparation.  We also reintroduced our Saw It® pneumatic saw with a much-improved motor. And, REED greatly improved the line of power valve exercisers with a versatile drophead clutch which allows for torque adjustments to customize for system needs.

waterHQ: What products from REED are popular in the Water HQ readership region? 

Hamdan: Hand tool cutters are one of our best sellers in the region due to quality, price, warranty and exclusive pipe diameter sizes.  Also installed in each cutter are well-regarded REED cutter wheels. They are fabricated from high speed tool steel which gives extra lifetime and they interchange with most recognized cutter brands in the industry.

waterHQ: How does Reed differentiate itself from other competitors? 

Hamdan: REED is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry. Since many inside sales people are trained with outside sales personnel, they know the tools, the industry, and the answer to just about any question. Reed's customer service staff strives to expedite orders, thus helping distributors and tool-users meet their own service obligations. Reed's complete team of Reed Associates, Regional Managers, and Manufacturer's Reps works together to provide excellent service to distributors and tool-users.

waterHQ: What kind of challenges impact water/wastewater in the region?  

Hamdan: In an area of the world where much attention is focused on tools for oil and gas, many waterworks companies and utilities are not being visited.  Thus, their tools are often outdated or of a lesser quality.  REED is working to change that by educating tradesmen on the cost-benefit of using professional grade tools for waterworks jobs. 

waterHQ: What projects have you undertaken so far this year, and what are your plans for the years to come? 

Hamdan: We have been expanding our network of distributors and end users in the region and have been involved in all kind of projects from residential to mega projects throughout the Middle East and Africa.