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For more than four decades Arab Water World (AWW) has been serving the Water, Wastewater, Desalination & Energy sectors in the MENA region & beyond, striving to provide a central platform to its readers, subscribers & clients through which cutting-edge high-quality news, information and data pertaining to water industry is presented.

headquarters (HQ) Collins Dictionary
Plural noun [with sing. or pl. v.]
1. the main office, or center of operations and control, of anyone in command.
2. the main office or center of control in any organization

Starting January 2018 issue, in order to reflect better our magazine’s mission as well as its global reach which is not limited to the Arab / MENA region, its name will change to “water HQ (wHQ)”.

wHQ will continue to be the focal point where industry professionals meet their needs. wHQ will be published monthly and will provide news, analysis, concepts and trends, product reviews & interviews with leading players in the water industry bringing its readers in-depth insights and information. As the leading B2B water magazine, wHQ is the vital link between international manufacturers, producers, exporters & agents / resellers in the B2B industry and is your ideal partner whether you wish to gain accurate and up-to-date insight on the water industry or whether you wish to gain maximum exposure to your company’s products and services.

Major water companies & manufacturers trust wHQ as their promotional platform of choice to have maximum exposure for their products & services and increase their market share. wHQ also enjoys a close partnership with leading water-related event organizers worldwide where it holds the status of official, regional or supporting magazine in major events where bonus copies are distributed to exhibitors, visitors and conference attendees.

In-depth water reports
Feature articles including interviews with key players
The latest regional international news about water projects
In The Market
Cutting-edge trends on water products

Associate your company or product with wHQ, the water industry’s pioneering & leading media brand. Contact us today to get things started!

Catching the Online Wave

The water HQ website provides online insight for e-readers into the water industry through a combination of industrial news and trends, innovative technologies, country reports, and event news related to the water, wastewater, desalination and energy sectors. wHQ website is going to be part of an industry portal www.industryhq.com which will be launched in January 2018. Log on to www.waterhq.world and delve into the world of water where current and archived issues of the Water HQ magazine are available in three formats (html, flash and pdf e-book) at your whim.

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Water Treatment


Distillation Filters


Demineralization/ Remineralization

Ozone, Screens

Reverse Osmosis

Wastewater Treatment

Activated SludgeSystems


Aerobic Anaerobic, Compactors

Bioreactor & Centrifuges

Dissolved Air/ Gas System

Ion Exchange


Countries Of Desalination Activities


Multi-Stage Flash


Solar/Thermal Desalination

Salt: Uses & Disposal

Cover Story

Sector Award “Top Sector Playersâ€

Personality/ Company Proï¬le (PCP) Or ProjectFocus

PCP / Project Focus

PCP / Project Focus

PCP / Project Focus

Bottled Water

Water Economics

Economic Benefits

Water Security

Water Quality

Trans-Border Issues

Dams, Reservoirs & Storage Facilities

Water/Wastewater Treatment

Product Focus

Pumps & Flow Meters

Submersible Pumps


Centrifugal Pumps


Industrial Pumps


Product Focus

Pipes & Valves


PPR Pipes & Fittings

Gate Valve

PEX Pipes & Fittings

Butterfly Valve

Pipe Installation a Repair

Country Report



Saudi Arabia




Bottled Water

Bottled Water For Home/Office

Water Bottle Recycling

Bottled Versus Filtration/Tap

Glass vs Plastic

Family Bottled Water - Sizes & Uses

Bottled Water Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 Lists MENA

Top 5 Water Parks

Top 5 Water Residential Projects

Top 5 Washroom Designs/ Producers

Top 5 Water Pumps

Top 5 Clearest Blue Waters in MENA

Top 5 Relaxing Water Activities

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International Water Summit 2018 - UAE
ISK - Sodex 2018 Turkey

ISK - Sodex 2018 Turkey

The Big 5 Heavy 2018 - UAE

Project Lebanon
2018 - Lebanon
Turkey Build 2018 - Turkey

Project Lebanon
2018 - Lebanon
Turkey Build 2018 - Turkey


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Water Treatment

Current/Future Projects & Trends

Disinfection Equipment Filters


Filtration Systems


Wastewater Treatment

Current/Future Projects & Trends

Effluent Water Treatment

Membrane Biological Reactors Sewage Treatment Plants Greywater Treatment

Mixers, Aerators, & Odor Control


Equipment/Costs /Investments In GCC

Multiple-Effect Distillation

Reverse Osmosis

Cogenerator Power Plants

Seawater Desalination Units


Cover Story

Landscaping, Pools & Irrigation

PCP / Project Focus

PCP / Project Focus

PCP / Project Focus

PCP / Project Focus PCP / Project Focus

Product Focus

Pumps & Flow Meters

Household Use Pumps

Flow Meters

Borehole Pumps

Water Instruments

Drainage Pumps

Pumps & Filtration Injection Equipment

Product Focus

Pipes & Valves

Safety Valves

Pressure & Drainage Pipes & Fittings

Check Valves

PVC /UPVC Pipes & Fittings

Valve Manufacturing

Leak Detectors

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Saudi Arabia






Bottled Water

Water bottles Caps

Bottled Water On The Go - Sizes & Uses

The Story Of PET

The Taste Of Water

The Water Inside: Spring, Purified, Mineral Sparkling

Bottled Water Hygiene Practices


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The Big 5 Show 2018 - UAE
WETEX 2018 - UAE

The Big 5 Show 2018 - UAE


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Wissam Minkara

Mechanical Engineer, Export Manager | Layne Bowler Pompa Sanayi A.S

Great management, editors and sales team; we, as Layne Bowler, are really proud of what you are doing; from the magazine design to the interesting news and subjects, you are rising in every issue as well as your marketing activities. Our 25 years of cooperation and the advertising campaigns we are renewing every year are the best proof of our satisfaction

Maher Aghasi

CEO/President | Pure Aqua, Inc.

Pure Aqua, Inc. has been advertising with Arab Water World (AWW) magazine since 2005. AWW has done a great job informing its target audience of the current issues facing the water treatment industry. It’s a great way for us to inform readers of how Pure Aqua helps its customers achieve their water treatment needs. Thank you for partnering with us!

Ilaria Favella

Marketing Manager | Saer Elettropompe

SAER Elettropompe is a genuine Italian manufacturer of pumping solutions for water treatment. We are happy with the quality and contents of the magazine. It is very informative of important businesses and helps to increase our target reach across the MENA region. We have been cooperating with AWW for many years and through its network, it assists SAER in extending the products’ reach in the region.

Mr. Aktan Temiz

Vice President | COO VANSAN

VANSAN is a leading supplier of pumps and pump systems used in a variety of markets and applications throughout the world. Our pumps and motors are known for consistent, quality manufacturing and performance. We have been in cooperation with Arab Water World for the past years and we hereby state that it’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to recommend AWW which consistently provides improvement and development to business partners and clients with its extensive database and up to date portfolio.
Below are some of the leading companies who trust waterHQ to gain market share and increase their products & services exposure in the MENA region and worldwide!
Water Industry
Nations in the Gulf consume an average of 816 cubic meters of water per person per year, which is 65% more than the world average, according to a report by Frost & Sullivan.
The GCC has nearly USD42 billion worth of water and wastewater projects and about USD17 billion worth of desalination plant projects in the next 10 years.
GCC countries will aim to lower current loss between 13% & 35% from non-revenue water (NRW) (water “lost” before reaching customer) in order to strengthen water security.
Tariff hikes on water use can spur R&D and commercialization of smart meters and smart water grids and put pressure on desalination water plants to reduce energy consumption.
The region is dealing with demand by deploying thermal desalination, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane desalination, and solar-powered desalination

Global water and waste water treatment market by chemicals and equipment is anticipated to grow to USD138 billion by 2022, according to Research and Markets.
It is expected to be mainly driven by environmental impact, increasing population coupled, aging infrastructure and climatic concerns which will act as key drivers for the growth of this market.
Chemical segment accounted for a 30% share in global water and waste water treatment market by chemicals and equipment in 2015
Municipal segment holds a major share in terms of market value and volume in 2016 among both the municipal and industrial application types.
Asia Pacific region dominated the global water and waste water treatment market by chemicals and equipment in 2015 accounting for 35.14% of the global water and waste water treatment market.
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