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Grundfos Optimizes Digital Connectivity in Delivering Solutions in The Midst of The Pandemic

With the pandemic putting travel to a halt and making social distancing the new normal, Grundfos leverages on digital connectivity to deliver its usual best to clients. Never backing down against any challenge, Grundfos didn’t let the pandemic dampen the delivery of HVAC solutions to one of the most awaited projects in Qatar – QIMC Corniche Park Towers. The landmark complex - consist of three mixed-use high-rise towers, which will feature a luxury 5-star hotel and residences, office and commercial spaces, and five levels of retail area. A project this massive rightfully deserves the best HVAC solutions to ensure comfort and excellent system performance 24/7. The project will be equipped with Grundfos’ high-performing and energy efficient HVAC pumps and controls. To ensure high caliber

Sustainable Optimization Boosts Energy Savings By 30% For Turkish Dairy Products Manufacturer

Turkish milk and dairy products manufacturer Yörükoğlu Süt relies on process optimization to deliver measurable sustainability gains that help boost their bottom line. After experiencing issues with pumps provided by their former supplier, the dairy turned to its packaging provider, and Alfa Laval’s Global Alliance Partner Tetra Pak, for assistance. What began as a routine visit by Alfa Laval to the Antalya processing plant evolved into a long-term partnership to bring increased running time, reduced costs, higher energy savings, and an enhanced sustainability profile to the milk processing plant. Already well-established in the Mediterranean and Aegean regions, Yörükoğlu Süt aims to become the area’s largest producer of milk and dairy products. Yörükoğlu Süt’s dairy had been

Age of Data Driven Leak Management Dawns

Global water resources are finite and stretched and the application of advanced leakage management technologies is one way to ensure supply and demand balances are met. Various drivers mean interest in the application of real-time data analysis has quickly gone from it being ‘quite a nice idea’ to ‘we need to do this,

Aeration Record-Breaker in Montrose, British Colombia

In the Trail Times, it was recently reported that: ‘…..the Village of Montrose has been successful in its application for funding under the Infrastructure Canada Grant Program for upgrades to the Village’s waste water treatment facility - a project that will modernize the 56-year-old plant….’ Not that one should be

Ecolab Makes an Exponential Impact on Water Sustainability

Arjan Boogaards is the Senior Vice President and President, Middle East & Africa (MEA) region for Ecolab Inc., the global specialist in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. waterHQ conducted an interview with Boogaards who talked to us about Ecolab’s comprehensive solutions and how the company optimizes water and energy use, and improves operational efficiencies for customers in the MENA region.

Panasonic Added New Residential Water Supply Systems

waterHQ conducted an interview with Hidenori Matsubara, General Manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions Middle East & Africa, a division of PMMAF to highlight the latest development from Panasonic on the water industry. Panasonic has a long history of Water Pumps business dating back to 1955. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia
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Water Industry Innovations in 2018

As the human population of the world continues to grow rapidly, bridging the gap between supply and demand and providing access to safe, clean water has become a priority and a strategic imperative that must be continuously addressed. Thus, there is a clear need to seek out fresh ideas and new approaches to deal with the challenges of dwindling natural water supplies. Whilst there is still some methods to follow, advances in science and technology are helping to bridge this gap and drive the industry forward. The goal of many of these advances is to enhance sustainability and efficiency of production whilst reducing power usage and wastage to a minimum throughout water infrastructure networks. And the advances that will reach success will be scalable, at low cost, and ecologically

Desalination to the Rescue

The world has very little fresh water and it is running out. At tens of billions of tons yearly, the fresh water of the ice caps is falling into the salty sea which is already 97 percent of the world’s water. Rising sea levels will cause mayhem with the supplies of most of the world’s cities because they sit low down
Water Treatment

Proving a Profitable and Needed Ion-Exchange Resins Market

The global ion exchange resins market will likely rise at a 4.9percent CAGR from 2017 to 2025, according to Transparency Market Research. At this rate, the market which was valued at USD 2.40bn in 2016, is projected to attain a value of USD 3.66bn by 2025. Prominent strategies leveraged by savvy players in the global ion exchange resins market are product development via research, expansion of existing capacities, and enhancing geographical footprints.

The Growing Need for Water Treatment

Unclean water still affects large populations, posing a threat to overall wellbeing. Water treatment systems industry is forecasted to grow and meet increasing global demand. The fastest growing technology in the market is the filtration methods segment, the largest source of demand being the residential sector.
Wastewater Treatment

Czech Town Welcomes Wastewater Treatment Installation

A new wastewater treatment system installed in a town in the Czech Republic will protect valued fishing ponds and raise the quality to required EU environmental standards. Packaged wastewater treatment plant provider WPL installed a below-ground system in Klimkovice, in the country’s Moravian-Silesian region, as part of a municipality-led project to construct a first-time sewerage network to serve 340 of the town’s residents. Some 110 properties will connect to the new system, replacing ageing septic tanks that had been seeping into streams which flowed into the popular fishing ponds, impacting the quality of the waters, which have protections under the EU’s Water Framework Directive. The project was welcomed by the local community and its successful completion marked with an opening

Major Role for Wastewater Epidemiology in Tackling Covid-19

Wastewater-based epidemiology (WBE) has a significant part to play in identifying ‘silent’ Covid-19 cases in the community, research presented at the latest Water Action Platform webinar demonstrates. The regular webinars, which are open to all, are hosted by Isle chairman Dr Piers Clark and look at the new coronavirus

How to Maximize the Recovery of Groundwater Treatment Plants

Recovery maximization in the treatment of water means the minimization of residual material flows and thus the overall throughput. This leads to reduced energy and chemical requirements and to minimized waste disposal of the residual materials. This optimization is made possible by integrated chemical and physical

Global Nano Silver Market Set for Growth

Nano filtration is a technique that has prospered over the past few years. According to Lenntech, Nano filtration is mainly applied in drinking water purification process steps, such as water softening, decoloring and micro pollutant removal.
Country Reports

Irrigation Water Management in Iran: Growing Need for Action

Only 2.7 percent of global water is available as freshwater with an appropriate quality; out of which, only 30 percent can be applied to answer human and livestock demands according to the University of Birmingham. The global demand for fresh water has been progressively increasing during the past 60 years for many reasons including rapid population, economic growth, urbanization and industrialization, intensive agricultural practices, and environmental degradation. Additionally, the stocks of freshwater resources in some regions, like the arid and semi-arid areas of Iran, have dramatically decreased due to changes in the frequency, duration and intensity of drought events. For example, the 2007-2014 drought in Iran left many internationally renowned wetlands and lakes completely dry,

Bottled Water: Growth in a Concentrated Market

The global bottled water market size is expected to reach USD215.12 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The market is estimated to register a CAGR of 7.4 percent during the forecast period as the scope, product types, and its applications are increasing across the globe. Rising

SPONGE CITY: Steps Toward a Liveable, Green and Water-Resilient City

In 2015, China launched its sponge city pilot program to tackle unwanted runoff and address water scarcity and pollution challenges, a necessary goal considering that 62 percent of Chinese cities experience flooding, 48 percent face high to extremely high-water stress and 2,100 waterways are identified as black and
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Keeping wastewater arteries clear

Pump blockage is a growing and costly issue for wastewater companies. Choosing a pump designed specifically to meet the challenges of frontline operation in sewage networks can dramatically cut downtime and minimize asset lifetime costs.

Upwardly Mobile With ATEX-Approved Pumps

If the first picture that pops into your head is that of a diesel-powered, generator-type unit, then fine; there will always be a need – but aside from diesel not striking the right environmental chords, what if your mobile pump has to meet the demands of ATEX? Chalwyn valves and Spark Arrestors certainly do their job

Water industry urged to “be agile” to build resilience

The water industry should continue to embrace new ways of working in a Covid-altered world and seize the opportunity to affect permanent change, a group of industry professionals heard. James Hargrave, regional operational leakage manager at Anglian Water, urged water utilities and suppliers not to aim to return to business as it was pre-pandemic, but to build on the success already achieved through the use of new technologies and working practices. He was speaking during a webinar on 6 August hosted by asset management and network monitoring technology specialists Ovarro, about the impact of Covid-19 on the water industry. The event, attended by 55 people, looked at the key challenges the sector has faced and how it looks now, six months into the pandemic. Hargrave said he was “in awe” of

IFAT Impact: Circular Economy Only Feasible Through Regulation

Successful premiere: on 15 July, the IFAT network kicked off a new digital information format: the “IFAT impact Panel Discussion” gathered top-level experts from politics and environmental economics who discussed the links between COVID-19, the Green Deal and a consistent circular economy. “The coronavirus crisis will





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