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Innovative, energy-efficient technology is key to reducing emissions for the marine industry in support of the net-zero agenda in the Middle East

The Middle East is blessed with abundant marine biodiversity, natural ecosystems and a strategically advantageous geopolitical position. Nations have grown exponentially because of marine and seaborne trade with economies thriving from trade, fishing, leisure and tourism throughout the Red Sea, East Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Both governments and businesses across the aforementioned sectors have exciting visions to capitalise on this legacy. As the maritime industry pursues bold sustainability targets, business collaboration with forward-thinking governments will be key to ensure best practices are shared. There is an undoubted urgent need for action as international shipping emits 2-3 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, transporting close to 80 percent of global trade by

Xylem's New Smart Wastewater Treatment Solution

Wastewater utilities can now achieve compliance targets while cutting energy consumption from aeration by up to 25% with Xylem Edge Control. This off-the-shelf suite of digital solutions for conventional activated sludge (CAS) plants marks the latest breakthrough in the digitization of water utilities. With Xylem Edge Control, wastewater operators can now control and monitor their assets, improve nutrient removal, save energy, and reduce costs. “Wastewater utilities are constantly balancing the need to ensure service reliability and compliance alongside the need to manage costs,” said Chris Taylor, Global Product Manager at Xylem. “Xylem Edge Control helps wastewater utilities confidently walk that line, bringing together our digital innovation expertise and insights from our deep

Global Ultrapure Water Market to Reach $7.9 Billion by 2025

ABSTRACT- Ultrapure water, also termed as highly purified water or high-purity water, is free from all contaminants and conforms to strict guidelines regarding purity. Ultrapure water is required to be treated to ensure compliance with various quality standards followed by end-user industries including semiconductors,
Water Treatment

Water Treatment Equipment Market

Water Treatment Equipment Market Trends Growth Overview: Water treatment is conceded out to reduce the total suspended solids (TSS) levels as per the end-user condition and therefore vary depending on the elements such as total suspended solids level, application, and location. Elimination of suspended solids and bacteria is done by separating the physical, chemical, and biological things of water and its components. Water treatment equipment is selected based on the properties of components such as quantity, density, chemical reactivity, solubility, boiling point, volatility, melting point, water purity levels, and other related. This was owing to the growing consumption of water, strict government rules about the total suspended solids (TSS) level, and increasing industrialization
Wastewater Treatment

Global UV Disinfection Equipment

The global disinfection equipment market size is estimated at USD 3 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to foster at a (CAGR) of 20% from 2022 to 2030. The rising speculations for the extension of wastewater offices combined with the rising predominance of Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs) are relied upon to support the market development over the conjecture time frame. Likewise, expanding the utilization of recycled water in scene water system, vehicle washing, and urinals has prompted the interest for sanitization advancements, which is required to impel the market development over the figure time frame. The U.S. Natural Protection Agency has supported bright (UV) sanitization for little and medium-sized public water frameworks because of the expanding request. Moreover, EPA is

What are the various procedures of treating waste water in STP?

Sewage treatment (also known as domestic wastewater treatment or municipal wastewater treatment) is a type of wastewater treatment that aims to remove contaminants from sewage to produce effluent suitable for discharge to the surrounding environment or reuse, thereby preventing water pollution from raw sewage

Sludge dewatering technologies

Article Summary Growing measures to minimize the hazardous impacts arising from wastewater streams have forced the advancement of various wastewater, sludge treatment and dewatering systems. This article examines the global dewatering equipment market share and discusses the benefits of several technologies utilized

WFI from Vapor Compression Distillation

VAPOR COMPRESSION DISTILLATION (VCD) Improperly known as thermo-compression or mechanical vapor re-compression (MVR), a Vapor Compression Distillation system produces water for pharmaceutical use, more precisely for I.V. fluids, injectables, infusion and specialist solutions, washing systems and for all products where sterility, elimination of pyrogens and Chlorine solvents and other external substances with low molecular weight are a critical quality attribute. Bram-cor’s Vapor Compression Distiller (STMC) has been an integral component of our reliable and cost-effective high purity water systems. With 19 models of Vapor Compression Distillation units ranging from 17gph to 6,600gph and heating media choices (steam or electric), we have a unit perfectly suited for your application. The

Desalination Technologies - Global Market Trajectory & Analytics

Desalination can be defined as, the process of converting saline unusable water into fresh usable one, through extraction and removal of dissolved salts from available water sources in order to make it viable for human use. Desalination involves extensive filtration of relatively saline water through either
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SurfCleaner lands first South America deal with Aeration Argentina

Global wastewater treatment specialist SurfCleaner has landed its first South American deal after securing a high-profile contract with industrial plant operator Aeration Argentina SA. The Swedish firm, which has developed the world’s first skimmer separator technology, helps recover contaminants from water sources –
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What is chemical dosing system?

Chemical dosing system is a complete set of equipment with dosing, mixing, transporting liquid and automatic control. It is also called chemical feed system or dosing machine. It is used for raw water of power plant, boiler feed water, oil field ground gathering and transportation dehydration treatment system,
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Plumbing Pipes & Fittings

Different types of plumbing pipes can be used in several ways, from carrying water to your kitchen taps to delivering waste to your sewage system. Today, there are many different types of plumbing pipes and fittings available, each used to serve a specific purpose. Different types of plumbing pipes can be used in several ways, from carrying water to your kitchen taps to delivering waste to your sewage system. Today, there are many different types of plumbing pipes and fittings available, each used to serve a specific purpose. COPPER PIPES, TUBES, AND FITTINGS Copper pipes are commonly used in the construction industry for water supply lines and refrigerant lines in HVAC (heating, cooling, and air-conditioning) systems. These pipes can be manufactured as soft or rigid copper and are

The role of check valves in water lines

What are check valves? Check valves are fluid control devices that restrict the flow of media in a piping system to one direction. This broadly defined check valve function plays different roles in various industries. Also known as non-return valves, one-way valves, or backflow preventers, check valves prevent flowing

What is an Irrigation System?

An irrigation system is a method of delivering water to an area where it is needed, but not normally present in the required amounts. Generally, it is used for agriculture and landscaping purposes. The effectiveness of the irrigation is determined by a number of different factors, including the type of delivery system

Ecolab Makes an Exponential Impact on Water Sustainability

Arjan Boogaards is the Senior Vice President and President, Middle East & Africa (MEA) region for Ecolab Inc., the global specialist in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. waterHQ conducted an interview with Boogaards who talked to us about Ecolab’s comprehensive solutions and how the company optimizes water and energy use, and improves operational efficiencies for customers in the MENA region.

Panasonic Added New Residential Water Supply Systems

waterHQ conducted an interview with Hidenori Matsubara, General Manager, Panasonic Eco Solutions Middle East & Africa, a division of PMMAF to highlight the latest development from Panasonic on the water industry. Panasonic has a long history of Water Pumps business dating back to 1955. Panasonic Manufacturing Indonesia
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Water Industry Innovations in 2018

As the human population of the world continues to grow rapidly, bridging the gap between supply and demand and providing access to safe, clean water has become a priority and a strategic imperative that must be continuously addressed. Thus, there is a clear need to seek out fresh ideas and new approaches to deal with the challenges of dwindling natural water supplies. Whilst there is still some methods to follow, advances in science and technology are helping to bridge this gap and drive the industry forward. The goal of many of these advances is to enhance sustainability and efficiency of production whilst reducing power usage and wastage to a minimum throughout water infrastructure networks. And the advances that will reach success will be scalable, at low cost, and ecologically

Desalination to the Rescue

The world has very little fresh water and it is running out. At tens of billions of tons yearly, the fresh water of the ice caps is falling into the salty sea which is already 97 percent of the world’s water. Rising sea levels will cause mayhem with the supplies of most of the world’s cities because they sit low down

The Big 5 To Gather Global Construction Leaders at Its Digital Festival

The Big 5, the international event accelerating growth in the construction industry for the past four decades, is launching the first Big 5 Digital Festival - Global this year. The event, which will run completely online from 23 to 26 November, will gather the global construction community to build resiliency and empower industry professionals to grow their businesses, learn from the world’s top experts, and be ready for the post Covid-19 world. “Sharing knowledge, and maintaining and building connections with industry peers, partners, and experts are paramount for construction industry players to successfully navigate through these challenging times”, says Josine Heijmans, Vice President – Construction at dmg events, the organisers of The Big 5. “This is why we decided to run a completely

DEWA Organises Virtual WETEX And Dubai Solar Show

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) will organise the 22nd Water, Energy, Technology and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and the 5th Dubai Solar Show virtually from 26-28 October 2020. The two exhibitions will provide a new experience for exhibitors to display their products innovatively, through 3D





The Big 5 Show 2020

Munich - Germany