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Water Treatment Industry Turns To Ozone To Tackle Contaminants And Improve Quality

The water and wastewater treatment industry are increasingly turning to ozone as the oxidizing agent of choice to remove a swathe of ‘environmental’ contaminants that have emerged in recent years, says engineering company Statiflo. The company has seen a sharp increase in orders for its gas dispersion system from treatment plants worldwide as a result of the shift towards ozone, says Rebecca Gernetzke, technical sales project manager at Statiflo’s North American subsidiary Statiflo Corp. The group has seen a 50 per cent increase in sales in North America alone in the past couple of years. In Europe, Statiflo has seen a spike in orders from countries such as Germany, Spain and the Czech Republic. Its GDS has now been installed in more than 100 locations worldwide. Rebecca said: “Demand is
Wastewater Treatment


Industrial mixers are an integral part of many industrial processes. The right industrial agitators can improve the quality of your product and the efficiency of your process. Edelmann & Associates offers Ekato Mixers – custom-built industrial agitators engineered for blending, emulsion, suspending solids, gassing, and heat transfer. Each of these industrial mixer types can be customized with the right impeller to suit the requirements of the most demanding applications in the process industry. Whether you are looking for industrial mixer parts or a way to maximize your industrial mixer cost, Edelmann & Associates can deliver solutions. Industrial Mixers and Agitators Modern process engineering is hard to imagine without mixing technology, and Edelmann & Associates provides industrial

Today’s Trends and New Developments in Using Carbon to Treat Water

Civilizations have been using carbon to treat water for centuries, and it has become a workhorse that continues to get stronger as more discoveries are made that create new ways for its use. Carbon is capable of treating thousands of organic contaminants. For example, when the concept of dry cleaning came into being in

Desalination May Be Key To Averting Global Water Shortage, But It Will Take Time

Clean freshwater is critical for sustaining human life. However, 1.1 billion people lack access to it worldwide. Desalination represents an increasingly popular way of addressing this. Desalination is the process of extracting salt from saline water to make it drinkable. There are two main types of desalination. In the first – called thermal desalination – heat is used. This produces water vapour that condenses on pipes into fresh water. This process remains dominant across the Middle East, where nearly half of the world’s desalinated water is produced. The second process is membrane desalination, commonly referred to as reverse osmosis. This process is used in 60% of plants worldwide. Saline water is forced under high pressure through a semi-permeable membrane whose pores are too small

Rosenberg Worley To Design World’s First Subsea Desalination Plant

Design of the world’s first subsea desalination plant has commenced at Rosenberg Worley in Stavanger, Norway. Waterise’s desalination concept has the potential to meet increasing demand for clean freshwater around the world. It provides a deep-water solution using an energy-efficient reverse osmosis filtration process.
Country Reports

Wastewater Alert: Research Highlights Antimicrobial Resistance Risk in the UK

A research team, led by the University of Exeter, has carried out what is said to be the most comprehensive assessment of risks posed by antibiotics in the environment in the UK to date, published in September in the journal Environment International. The team discovered that the levels of the antibiotic ciprofloxacin are likely to result in increased antibiotic resistance in wastewater and, in some cases, potentially in rivers. Ciprofloxacin is commonly used to treat respiratory, skin, and urinary tract infections, amongst other conditions. Crucially, the research shows that antibiotic pollution from human waste poses a risk in the environment in higher income countries like the UK, despite having longstanding sanitation infrastructures. Antibiotic resistance is recognised by the World

AFRICA: Bayport Secures $12 Million From WaterEquity for Water and Sanitation

Mauritius-based Bayport management has secured $12 million in financing from WaterEquity, the facility that finances development institutions engaged in water and sanitation projects around the world. The loan will be used to finance clean water and sanitation in seven countries in Africa. Bayport Management

EGYPT: Quartet Textile to Treat Wastewater To Reduce Pollution

Quartet Textile agrees to treat its wastewater to reduce industrial pollution in Egypt. On 27 September 2022, the Egyptian textile manufacturing company approved a project to build a wastewater treatment plant near its premises. The Industrial Pollution Abatement Programme (IPAP) continues in Egypt. In its third phase,
Pumps & Flow Meters

XR425 4” Self-Priming Centrifugal Pump

The XR425 is part of the North Ridge XR series - a line of self-priming centrifugal pumps that are designed for heavy duty operation within the construction, industrial, emergency and marine industries. Designed for the handling of clean, solid laden, flammable and abrasive liquids, its unique internal armoured volute protects the main pump casing from wear and fluid contact, by absorbing any impact from the pressurised liquid. The XR series are rapid self-priming pumps, capable of priming from 4M in under 2 minutes due to its uniquely designed double-curved impeller optimised for high efficiency (up to 74%) without compromise to solid passage and priming time. This model can handle solids up to 50mm x 24mm in size. Each pump within the XR series is also constructed with an enduring design

Using Flow Meters for Sustainable Water Use

Water sustainability is an urgent issue that needs to be addressed on a global scale as it stems from a multitude of critical factors. Environmental change, poor management of resources and rapid population growth have had a significant impact on the quality of human life and water availability in countries across the
Pipes & Valves

Automated Valve Choice Considerations

Learn about the most commonly available automated valve types, how to determine valve sizing, and the different actuator options for process control valves. Like so many of the core technologies integral to automated industrial operations—such as motors, drives, and I/O—valves don’t always receive the attention they deserve in the automation arena. Despite this, their functionality is no less critical to the safe and effective control of fluid movement. Also, as basic as valves may seem, the technology surrounding them has not remained static. To help answer a reader question about how to select the right valve for an application, we connected with Ross Turbiville of Emerson Automation Solutions to learn more about the different types of commonly available automated valves; how to

7 Trends in Valve Design

Used to regulate the flow of liquid, gasses, or any kind of fluidized solid, valves are an essential part of pipelines and multiple processes across many industries. Industries such as chemical, power, metalworking, and oil & gas all have an increasing demand for innovative valves that meet the sectors’ requirements.

Top Players in the PVC Pipes Industry

The global PVC pipes market reached a volume of 22.5 Million Tons in 2021. PVC, or polyvinyl chloride, pipes are manufactured from the extrusion of a blend of PVC and various additives. They are energy efficient as they consume around four times lesser energy and do not require as much raw materials as compared to
Industry Experts

Water Industry Innovations in 2018

As the human population of the world continues to grow rapidly, bridging the gap between supply and demand and providing access to safe, clean water has become a priority and a strategic imperative that must be continuously addressed. Thus, there is a clear need to seek out fresh ideas and new approaches to deal with the challenges of dwindling natural water supplies. Whilst there is still some methods to follow, advances in science and technology are helping to bridge this gap and drive the industry forward. The goal of many of these advances is to enhance sustainability and efficiency of production whilst reducing power usage and wastage to a minimum throughout water infrastructure networks. And the advances that will reach success will be scalable, at low cost, and ecologically

Desalination to the Rescue

The world has very little fresh water and it is running out. At tens of billions of tons yearly, the fresh water of the ice caps is falling into the salty sea which is already 97 percent of the world’s water. Rising sea levels will cause mayhem with the supplies of most of the world’s cities because they sit low down

3D Virtual WETEX & Dubai Solar Show Attracts 63,058 Visitors, Largest Number in Its History

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) organised the Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX) and Dubai Solar Show virtually from 26-28 October 2020. The 3D carbon-neutral exhibition attracted 1,076 exhibitors from 52 countries, and 63,058 visitors from around the world. This is the largest number of visitors in the exhibition’s history of 22 years. HE Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD & CEO of DEWA, Founder and Chairman of WETEX and Dubai Solar Show, was pleased with the exhibition’s success. “As per the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform challenges into opportunities, we organised the exhibition this year on a 3D virtual platform. It has achieved great

The Big 5 To Gather Global Construction Leaders at Its Digital Festival

The Big 5, the international event accelerating growth in the construction industry for the past four decades, is launching the first Big 5 Digital Festival - Global this year. The event, which will run completely online from 23 to 26 November, will gather the global construction community to build resiliency and



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