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The 15th Shanghai International Water Exhibition

World Environmental Conference - Create A Low-Carbon And Energy-Saving World And Build A Green Industry Ring

April 2023

Events - Events Preview

The 15th Shanghai International Water Exhibition

World Environmental Conference - Create A Low-Carbon And Energy-Saving World And Build A Green Industry Ring

April 2023

Co-hosted by China Environmental Protection Federation, China Energy Conservation Association and Shanghai Hejia Exhibition, the exhibition brought together more than 3,000 environmental companies, with an exhibition area of ​​220,000 square meters . Provide systematic green solutions for the whole industry.

The World Environmental Expo will set up two themed sections: [Industrial Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection] and [Low-Carbon Building and Comfort System], which comprehensively demonstrate the prevention and control of water, air, solid waste, soil and other pollution and environmental monitoring in the comprehensive environmental management. Energy-saving transformation of general equipment in the field, recovery of waste heat and pressure, energy saving and water saving, etc. are key technologies in the process of green manufacturing transformation. The WEC also perfectly demonstrated the comfort system in prefabricated buildings and the building environment, allowing the low-carbon energy-saving concept of green buildings to run through building construction, green building materials, and healthy and comfortable living environments, so as to realize energy-saving emission reduction and low-carbon energy consumption throughout the construction cycle. Carbon friendly.

The green environmental technologies, products and solutions presented at the World Environmental Conference not only cover the two major industries of industry and construction, but are also widely used in various social fields such as municipal administration, people's livelihood, and agriculture. Therefore, the WEC has become an important hub to communicate with the upstream and downstream of the green economic industry chain, and an accelerator for China to achieve its dual carbon goals and establish a green and low-carbon circular economic system.

About AQUATECH CHINA Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition (Environmental Protection Water Treatment/Membrane and Water Treatment)

Shanghai International Environmental Protection Water Treatment Exhibition and Shanghai International Membrane and Water Treatment Exhibition, as the two major theme exhibitions of Shanghai International Water Exhibition, will be opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Hongqiao).

Shanghai International Water Exhibition is a super-large-scale water treatment display platform in the world. It aims to integrate municipal water treatment, industrial water treatment, comprehensive water environment management and water environment monitoring, and display cutting-edge new products and technical solutions for the industry. Enterprises establish a brand image, promote business cooperation, and expand industry contacts to help! As a display platform highly recommended by colleagues in the water treatment industry, the 2023 exhibition is expected to attract more than 1,600 exhibitors from the fields of environmental protection water treatment and membrane and water treatment.

The 15th Shanghai International Water Exhibition (Environmental Protection Water Treatment/Membrane and Water Treatment)

Exhibition Date

June 5-7, 2023

Pavilion Location

Shanghai | National Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao)

Exhibition Address

No. 168 Yinggang East Road, Shanghai (How to get there)

Range Of Exhibition


Sewage/wastewater treatment equipment and accessories, membrane and membrane accessories, municipal engineering and water ecological treatment, boiler water treatment, instrumentation

Target Audience

Government departments, water treatment engineering companies, sewage treatment plants, water supply plants, consulting companies, scientific research and design institutions, seawater desalination companies, equipment installation companies, end industrial users, etc.

Exhibition Area

185,000 square meters