Wastewater Treatment - Wastewater Treatment

Treating Wastewater with Microorganisms

June 2022

Wastewater Treatment - Wastewater Treatment

Treating Wastewater with Microorganisms

June 2022

Biological Treatment

What is a biological wastewater treatment system?

Biological wastewater treatment harnesses the action of bacteria and other microorganisms to clean water. Wastewater typically contains a buffet of organic matter, such as garbage, wastes, and partially digested foods. It also may contain pathogenic organisms, heavy metals, and toxins.

What method is better and newest for biological treatment of wastewater?

Overall Aerobic treatment treatment of wastewater is a better option. Anaerobic degradation followed by aerobic is best suited biological wastewater treatment strategy. During anaerobic degradation, most of the recalcitrant molecules are broken down into smaller ones.

What are the advantages of biological treatment?

Compared to other treatment methods, biological methods have certain advantages such as (1) treatment technology is traditional and well understood; (2) enhanced efficiency in terms of organic content removal; (3) cost-effective; and (4) environment friendly and safe.

What is the purpose of biological treatment of wastewater of sewage?

Biological wastewater treatment is designed to degrade pollutants dissolved in effluents by the action of microorganisms. The microorganisms utilize these substances to live and reproduce. Pollutants are used as nutrients.

Construction of biological and advanced biological wastewater treatment plants

Biological wastewater treatment plants include a system for the physical, chemical, and biological treatment of pollutants from domestic and industrial wastewater. These are wastewater treatment plants with long-term aerated activated sludge system, where incoming wastewater is purified, which capable of removing nitrogen and phosphorus effectively. Our company has the ability to implement the most suitable and efficient type of biological treatment plant based on the customer’s requirements, the compound of the wastewater, and the subsequent reuse of treated water.

MBR wastewater treatment plants

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) wastewater treatment plants are systems that use a new wastewater treatment technology consisting of a combination of a Membrane ultrafilter and an aerobic biological treatment reactor. The membrane bioreactor (MBR) system is a treatment technology that combines the activated sludge process with the membrane separation process, which is one of the biological treatment methods. We build high-tech MBR facilities with a competent team that knows this technology well and has the courage to use it.

Sludge disposal systems

Disposal of the final sludge from wastewater treatment plants is the main problem of wastewater treatment plants, pathogens and organics in the sludge must be eliminated. This process consists of three stages of sludge dewatering, sludge drying, and sludge incineration. By constructing final sludge plants in wastewater treatment plants, sludge can be disposed of and electrical energy can be produced. We are a company that has the competence to obtain energy by using this advanced technology.

 Odor control systems in wastewater treatment systems

Odor emissions from wastewater treatment plants have been affecting the quality of life of people living in the immediate vicinity of the plant for centuries and causing complaints. We have a team that comprehends what causes bad odor sources in wastewater treatment plants and designs the plant accordingly.

 Water recovery of treated wastewater

Recycling of treated wastewater is a significant saving.  The rise in the amount of water used in daily life and industry increases the operation costs as well as the investment costs of the wastewater treatment plants. Effective use of every drop of purified water and avoidance of its loss is one of the main principles of our company policy. Our company is ready to offer the latest technologies in the recycling of treated wastewater.

 Energy efficiency and power generation solutions

Energy is used intensively depending on the processes and equipment used during the operation of wastewater treatment plants. Energy management is a very significant issue due to the high cost of energy in the operation of a treatment plant. Our company works in the most efficient way in terms of energy cost in the construction of facilities, the issue of energy management is discussed in detail especially in advanced biological wastewater treatment plants.

Full automation

Companies shape automation and Scada systems according to their own needs. Steps such as the process, production, and operation of the automated machines in treatment plants are very important depending on full automation. INNOWAT uses this software expertly in water-wastewater treatment plants and water lines.


Conventional activated sludge systems continue to be an effective biological treatment process for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. Aqua-Aerobic provides both batch treatment and flow-through systems with inherent characteristics and capabilities that meet or exceed even the most stringent biological treatment objectives.


Aerobic granular sludge is an innovative wastewater treatment technology that provides advanced biological treatment using the unique features of aerobic granular biomass. An aerobic granular biomass is comprised of compact granules that provide several advantages compared to other secondary treatment processes.


Multiple barrier systems integrate biological treatment and clarification with dual barrier filtration consisting of cloth media filters and external membrane separation. These systems are capable of enhanced biological nutrient removal, superior solids reduction and effective bacteria and virus reduction.


Attached growth systems or rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology allows biofilm to grow on the exterior, removing BOD and oxidizing ammonia. Aqua-Aerobic offers a unique, dual treatment system that is a combination of RBC technology and cloth media filtration, ideal for small flows up to 100,000 gpd.