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Empowering Communities: WHOI's Initiative to Track Sea Level Rise in Hull

The Hull Conservation Commission unanimously approved Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s (WHOI) Request for Determination of Applicability (RDA) to deploy water sensors along Hull’s coastline for monitoring sea level rise. WHOI selected Hull due to its vulnerability, offering insights into local flooding. Sarah Das, WHOI scientist and RDA author, emphasized the sensors' role in understanding sea level rise's local impact. Each prototype costs approximately $300, reflecting WHOI's cost-effective approach. Initial deployments at Woods Hole dock and Chatham Fish Pier have preceded collaborations with Hull’s climate adaptation director, Chris Krahforst, to identify sensor locations. The sensors, resembling tissue boxes, incorporate a solar panel for power atop and an acoustic transducer

Veolia Expands Wuxi Operations to Drive GreenUp Program in China

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, a subsidiary of Veolia, signed an agreement to significantly expand its operations in Wuxi, China. This expansion will be done in partnership with the Administrative Committee of Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone (WND). The expansion aims to achieve mutually
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African Presidents Explore Korean AI-Driven Water Solutions

Leaders from the African continent have demonstrated keen interest in pioneering water treatment technologies during their recent visit to a South Korean AI water purification plant. Hosted by K-water, the Korea Water Resources Corporation, discussions centered on collaborative ventures in advanced water treatment technology. High-Level Engagements and Advanced Technologies K-water’s state-of-the-art facility in Hwaseong, employing sophisticated artificial intelligence, welcomed the Presidents of the Central African Republic, Madagascar, and Mauritius. Their visit coincided with the Korea-Africa summit, aiming to identify solutions to the water-related challenges exacerbated by the climate crisis. The tour provided an opportunity for these leaders to witness South Korea’s advanced water
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Groundbreaking Membrane Technology Revolutionizes Wastewater Treatment

In a significant advancement for wastewater treatment, researchers from Tongji University's State Key Laboratory of Pollution Control and Resource Reuse have unveiled a pioneering membrane technology. Published in the journal Small, their innovative membrane integrates solar-driven self-cleaning capabilities with superior separation performance, marking a potential breakthrough for industries managing complex oil-water mixtures. Addressing the Challenge of Membrane Fouling A persistent hurdle in wastewater treatment is membrane fouling, where contaminants obstruct filter membranes, diminishing efficiency and longevity. Tongji University's team tackled this issue by developing a self-assembled composite membrane that harnesses sunlight to self-clean, ensuring sustained high performance and

The Waffle-Shaped Solar Evaporator for Desalination

Water is an essential resource for human survival and a primary focus of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Despite this, approximately two-thirds of the global population lacks regular access to freshwater, experiencing water scarcity for at least one month each year. This scarcity is further exacerbated by pollution of freshwater sources, contributing to the death of a child every two minutes from diseases related to water, sanitation, and hygiene. To mitigate these challenges, new methods for producing freshwater are being explored, with solar steam-based desalination emerging as a promising green technology. Among various water treatment technologies, solar steam generation has gained significant attention. This method utilizes interfacial solar absorbers to convert

Major Desalination Project in Taiwan: SUEZ, CTCI, and Hung Hua Join Forces

SUEZ, a global leader in circular solutions for water and waste, in collaboration with its partners CTCI Group and Hung Hua, has embarked on an ambitious project to design, build, and operate a large-scale municipal seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalination plant in Hsinchu City. This contract, valued at

Cyprus Plans New Desalination Plants to Combat Water Scarcity

Cyprus is actively exploring plans to construct two new desalination plants to address a severe water scarcity crisis precipitated by prolonged drought conditions. Authorities are considering potential locations in eastern Limassol and the Famagusta free area, though both options present significant challenges. In

Karmod Develops Advanced Polyethylene Tanks for Underground Use

Karmod, a building company based in Türkiye, announced on Tuesday the development of a polyethylene water storage tank specifically designed for underground use. The company highlighted the increasing demand for underground water storage tanks as a driving force behind this innovative solution. Selcuk Kaya, Karmod Plastic's Sales Manager, emphasized the durability of the polyethylene tank, which features a ribbed system to withstand underground conditions. "The special ribs ensure that the tank remains unaffected even when heavy vehicles move over it underground," he explained. Kaya elaborated on the versatile applications of the new tank, noting that it is suitable for rainwater collection and fire water storage in industrial facilities. "In recent years, underground products are being

Environmentally Friendly Water Purification System Launched by UK Engineers

A team of UK-based engineers has developed a groundbreaking technology that promises to revolutionize access to safe, clean drinking water for millions worldwide. Despite advances in modern infrastructure, numerous homes, businesses, and tourism hotspots still rely on bottled water or costly, difficult-to-maintain
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New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant Achieves Four Guinness World Records

Constructed to the highest global standards by a joint venture comprising Arab Contractors, Hassan Allam Construction, Orascom Construction, and Metito. Recognized as the largest water treatment facility and plant globally in terms of area, operational capacity, epoxy coating, and sludge treatment. Completed within a record-setting timeframe of 24 months with a capacity of 7.5 million m3/day The New Delta Irrigation Water Treatment Plant, constructed by a joint venture comprising Orascom Construction, Hassan Allam Construction, Arab Contractors, and Metito, under mandate from the Ministry of Defence - Armed Forces Engineering Authority, is declared the world's largest water treatment facility by the Guinness World Records (GWR). The plant secured four GWR global records including; the

Crown Prince Inaugurates $653 Million Casablanca Desalination Plant

On Monday, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco inaugurated the construction of the Casablanca seawater desalination plant in Lamharza Essahel, El Jadida province. This plant, poised to be the largest of its kind in Africa, is projected to have an annual production capacity of 300 million cubic meters and will
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Sulzer’s New HST 10 Cuts Costs and Boosts Reliability for Smaller Treatment Works

Aeration in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment is crucial to removing organic contaminants. Found at the heart of this process, noisy blowers have traditionally been the source of significant operational costs. With the launch of the HST 10, smaller sewage plants processing less than 10’000 m3/day (40’000 population equivalent) can take advantage of the benefits of Sulzer’s HST turbocompressors, which have provided thousands of customers with significant cuts in running costs for facilities and a huge boost in reliability. In industries such as pulp and paper, food and beverage, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and mining, the HST 10 can provide productivity improvements in both core processes and integrated wastewater treatment facilities. Boosting efficiency and reliability The

The Impact of Solar-Powered Water Pumps on Access to Clean Water in Karamoja

In Nabilatuk district, Karamoja, the introduction of piped water, powered by solar pumps, marks a significant advancement in promoting human health amidst challenging environmental conditions exacerbated by climate change. Teresa Longole vividly recalls the daily ritual of trekking ten kilometers to a seasonal river,
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AUMA UK to Supply Advanced Actuators for Southern Water

AUMA Actuators Limited (AUMA UK) has further expanded its successful partnerships with major UK water companies by securing a framework agreement with Southern Water. Southern Water, which delivers essential water services to 2.5 million customers and wastewater services to over 4.7 million customers across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire, and the Isle of Wight, will now benefit from AUMA’s innovative approach to the servicing, maintenance, and replacement of various actuators across its extensive region, covering nearly 4,450 square kilometers. Michael Upcraft, Southern Water’s Framework Manager, stated: “With a 13,929-kilometre network of pipes and 205 service reservoirs, Southern Water provides a continuous supply of clean water to our customers. Our 39,808 kilometres of sewers and 3,321

CT2MC Showcases Cutting-Edge Robotic Technologies at IFAT Exhibition

CT2MC, an independent engineering company founded by Olivier Le Meaux in 2012, specializes in the development of innovative robotic products. The company's mission is the development and manufacturing of industrial products that integrate robotics, innovation, composite materials, and automation. CT2MC is committed to

Prime Minister Mikati inaugurated “Project Lebanon Going Forward” Exhibition

Beirut – April 24, 2024: The 25th edition of Project Lebanon was launched today, with an official inauguration by H.E. Mr. Najib Mikati, the President of the Council of Ministers, and H.E. Ali Hamieh, the Minister of Public Works and Transport. The ceremony was attended by ambassadors, diplomats, officials, contractors, engineers, and distinguished guests at the Seaside Arena. Following the ribbon-cutting, the guests explored the pavilions of France, Italy, Austria, and all the various stands showcasing a multitude of products and services. Organized by IFP Group (International Fairs and Promotions), since 1995, Project Lebanon is renowned as the International Trade Exhibition for Construction, Infrastructure, and Renewable Energy in Lebanon and the Middle East. This year, the event shines

Driving Efficiency and Reliability In The Water Sector

Sulzer and Nordic Water show how to take full control of the water cycle at IFAT 2024 Sulzer, and its specialist brand Nordic Water, will be presenting several exciting innovations for the wastewater industry at IFAT 2024, held at Messe Munich, May 13-17. New products will include industry-leading pumping technology,
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World Water Day: Value Water and Use It Smartly

To mark this year’s World Water Day, Metito, the global leader of smart water management and alternative energy solutions, has emphasized the importance of water during times of uncertainty such as the fast evolving situation with the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19. The world is focused on finding a treatment and a vaccine for COVID-19, while helping the ones already affected as a priority. The World Health Organization, together with medical experts and local governments can’t emphasize enough the importance of healthy hygiene habits including washing hands frequently with soap and water as a proven preventative measure to contracting the coronavirus. To date, this is the most recommended preventive action. To maintain the access to safe water supply, across the world, for use in fighting

Saving Water Starts with You

For some people, water has never been a challenge in their day-to-day lives. This is mainly because they are living in communities where water is easily accessible. For them it’s simple – they turn on the tap and clean water just flows, every time, every day of the year. This makes it difficult for them to acknowledge

Water Stewardship in the 21st Century

Assaad Saadeh, the Regional Water Resources Manager at Nestlé Waters talked to waterHQ about the latest innovations in the water industry. It is a fact: water resources are already unevenly distributed across the planet, and this constitutes one of the major challenges of the 21st century. According to the United



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