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Cranfield University Secures £25 Million Investment to Drive Innovation in Water Security, Net Zero Aviation, and Hydrogen Technologies

In a groundbreaking move towards addressing critical challenges in water security, decarbonizing aviation, and advancing hydrogen technologies, Cranfield University has secured over £25 million in funding to establish two cutting-edge Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT). These centers, closely linked with industry partners, are poised to cultivate high-level skills and innovative technologies, underscoring the university's commitment to driving real-world impact and fostering collaboration between academia and industry. Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, announced this significant investment, marking a watershed moment in the UK's efforts to bolster engineering and physical sciences doctoral skills. With more than £1 billion allocated, the
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NX Filtration And TZW-DVGW Partner For PFAS Removal from Drinking Water

NX Filtration, the global provider of breakthrough filtration technology, has entered into a strategic collaboration with TZW-DVGW (Technologiezentrum Wasser, German Water Centre) for a pioneering project aimed at addressing the challenge of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) removal from drinking water, with minimal energy and chemical dosing. PFAS, commonly known as 'forever chemicals,' are extensively used in various products such as clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and chemical goods. The persistent nature of PFAS in the environment, coupled with known health concerns, has led to growing apprehension. In response to the escalating concerns, Germany implemented a new drinking water regulation in June 2023. This regulation mandates compliance with PFAS-group limits, with

Kazakhstan's Push for Regional Water Resource Management: A Strategic Approach

Water resource management has emerged as a prominent regional policy concern for Kazakhstan, evidenced by the government's heightened focus. The Ministry for Water Resources and Irrigation is advocating for a "contractual framework" with China and Uzbekistan to govern the usage of transboundary rivers. Negotiations are
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Untangling Wastewater Treatment: Choosing the Right AOP for Your Facility

Industrial wastewater regulations exist for a reason: to safeguard our drinking water sources. But meeting these Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards can be a challenge. Here's where Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) come in. These powerful technologies offer exceptional benefits for industrial facilities, helping them achieve compliance and prevent harmful contaminants from reaching our waterways. The AOP Showdown: Ozone vs. UV Light When it comes to AOPs, two main contenders emerge: ozone and ultraviolet (UV) light. Let's break down how each works: Ozone AOP: This on-site generated treatment excels at eliminating a wide range of pollutants, from inorganic and organic compounds to harmful microbes. Ozone dissolves in water, forming powerful free radicals that effectively

ACWA Power Secures $738 Million Funding for Hassyan Independent Water Producer Plant in Dubai

In a significant move within the realm of international finance, ACWA Power, a leading developer and operator of power and water desalination plants, has recently inked pivotal agreements with a consortium of local and international banks. The purpose? To secure the much-needed funding for the Hassyan Independent Water Producer (IWP) plant in Dubai. The company, in an official statement, revealed the successful acquisition of SAR 2.76 billion from a diverse array of lenders, both local and international, spanning a lengthy financing period of 32.5 years. Among the notable banking institutions involved in this venture are Standard Chartered, MUFG Bank, Emirates NBD, and an array of others, showcasing the robust support garnered from across the financial sector. The financing landscape of

Nador's Desalination Project for Moulouya Plain

On Monday, Nador hosted a day dedicated to communication and raising awareness about a crucial project aimed at securing irrigation for the Moulouya plain through the utilization of desalinated seawater. The event served as a platform to introduce the project to farmers and professional organizations, highlighting its

Acciona Organizes Exploring Sustainable Solutions For Water Desalination In Qatar

DOHA, MARCH 19, 2024. ACCIONA, a global leader in sustainable infrastructure solutions, organized a pivotal roundtable discussion titled “Exploring Sustainable Solutions for Water Desalination in Qatar” on February 28th, 2024, marking the company's first such event in Qatar. This event underscores Qatar's growing commitment to addressing water stress through innovative and sustainable desalination technologies. With Qatar facing increasing challenges in water scarcity, the nation has turned to Reverse Osmosis desalination as a key strategy for securing potable water for its population. Since 2016, reverse osmosis plants have played a crucial role in Qatar's water infrastructure, with ACCIONA leading this technological evolution. The event brought together esteemed experts and stakeholders
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Iraq Moves Forward with Water Infrastructure Projects

Iraq is poised to engage a consultant to oversee a vital project focusing on the construction of new water treatment facilities for crucial housing developments and underserved regions, as reported by Zawya. Ammar Al-Maliki, Director of the Water Department within Iraq's Construction and Housing Ministry, disclosed that the chosen consultancy firm will conduct thorough studies to determine the necessary number of units and associated costs. In discussions with the Iraqi News Agency INA on Sunday, Maliki revealed that the Ministry has formed a committee responsible for selecting a consultant and presenting project proposals to the cabinet for approval. Earlier in February, Iraqi authorities had unveiled plans for approximately 100 projects aimed at enhancing water and sewage networks. With

Sulzer Inaugurates New High-Performance Pump Facility at Its Location in Mexico

Sulzer inaugurates new high-performance pump facility at its location in Mexico. Sulzer recently celebrated the official launch of a brand-new test and assembly center built alongside its existing pump manufacturing facility in Mexico City. The new state-of-the-art facility features a 10-meter-deep hydraulics test bed
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Revolutionizing Wastewater Management with KROHNE's Single-Use Electromagnetic Flowmeters

In the ever-evolving landscape of wastewater management, KROHNE, Inc. emerges as a trailblazer with the launch of its pioneering single-use electromagnetic flowmeter. This groundbreaking advancement not only sets new standards in accuracy and efficiency but also addresses the pressing needs of the industry for reliable and cost-effective solutions. Unrivaled Precision and Adaptability At the forefront of this innovation is the OPTIFLUX 2050 electromagnetic flowmeter, renowned for its unmatched accuracy in bi-directional flow measurements across various applications. From fundamental custody transfer tasks to the most demanding safety-related operations, this device ensures precise measurements. Its adaptability extends beyond potable water, offering seamless handling of highly adhesive,
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AI-Powered Leak Detection Systems Transforming Building Water Conservation

In the realm of building features, water conservation often takes a backseat to the spotlight-stealer, energy efficiency. This dynamic is understandable given the comparatively higher cost of electricity versus water. However, the tide is turning as building owners increasingly recognize the importance of managing water consumption, spurred on by drought conditions in various U.S. regions and the resultant escalation in water prices nationwide. Moreover, the nexus between water conservation and carbon emissions is gaining prominence, with approximately 80 pounds of carbon emissions generated for every thousand gallons of water used in commercial properties due to the electricity required for water pumping. Addressing leaks emerges as a critical facet of water conservation efforts. Beyond

Sustainable Solutions: Navigating the Future of Industrial Wastewater Management

In today's rapidly evolving industrial landscape, the responsible management of resources is becoming increasingly crucial. One area that demands immediate attention is industrial wastewater. As industries continue to expand, the generation of wastewater poses environmental challenges. However, a paradigm shifts toward sustainable practices, specifically in the realm of wastewater recovery and reuse, offers a promising solution. Industrial processes generate vast amounts of wastewater, often containing pollutants that can be harmful to the environment if not properly treated. The escalating global water crisis further emphasizes the urgency of finding innovative ways to manage and reuse industrial wastewater. Various industries face unique challenges in treating their wastewater due to the

British Water: Water Sector Must Dig Deeper on Collaboration

The need to intensify collaboration, integration and digitisation, to deliver a vast programme of works in AMP8 – the asset management plan period 2025-30 – was one of the themes under discussion at British Water’s first annual conference, which took place in Manchester on 21 November 2023. Delivering a keynote
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Saving Water Starts with You

For some people, water has never been a challenge in their day-to-day lives. This is mainly because they are living in communities where water is easily accessible. For them it’s simple – they turn on the tap and clean water just flows, every time, every day of the year. This makes it difficult for them to acknowledge the challenges experienced by people in other parts of the world when it comes to getting hold of a few drops of water – realizing the real value of water. In developing countries, people can only access water from flowing streams, many of which are sometimes contaminated, leading to water-borne diseases. The lack of quality water also endangers proper handling of human waste and sewage, resulting to stagnant, dirty water – a welcoming environment for mosquitoes and other

Water Stewardship in the 21st Century

Assaad Saadeh, the Regional Water Resources Manager at Nestlé Waters talked to waterHQ about the latest innovations in the water industry. It is a fact: water resources are already unevenly distributed across the planet, and this constitutes one of the major challenges of the 21st century. According to the United

Water Industry Innovations in 2018

As the human population of the world continues to grow rapidly, bridging the gap between supply and demand and providing access to safe, clean water has become a priority and a strategic imperative that must be continuously addressed. Thus, there is a clear need to seek out fresh ideas and new approaches to deal with


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