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Victaulic Returns to IFAT 2024 With Innovative Pipe Joining Solutions for The Water Industry

May 2024

Events - Events Preview

Victaulic Returns to IFAT 2024 With Innovative Pipe Joining Solutions for The Water Industry

May 2024

At the IFAT trade fair in Munich, Victaulic will present solutions that save time, money, and labour, while delivering long-term performance, ease of maintenance, and sustainability for water and wastewater systems.

Ghent, Belgium, 2 May 2024 — Victaulic will be returning to IFAT 2024, the pre-eminent trade fair for water, sewage, waste, and raw materials management, which takes place in Munich, Germany, from 13-17th May. At Hall C2 Booth 300, the leading manufacturer of grooved mechanical pipe joining solutions will present a comprehensive range of products covering water supply lifecycles and address key issues facing the water industry.

Victaulic has a deep understanding of the interconnected systems and their requirements for reliability in the water management industry – from the collection and conveyance of raw water to the treatment and storage, and back through transmission and conveyance for local and global industry and communities. From conception, to design, construction, and onsite training and support, Victaulic partners and assists throughout the life of operations.

“Europe-wide, we are seeing large projects involving new pipelines, reservoirs, and treatment facilities, as well the expansion or renewal of existing infrastructure,” explains Dale Petroski, Victaulic Infrastructure Sales Manager Europe. “These projects face challenges of keeping on schedule and budget, overcoming labour shortages, navigating space restrictions, and ensuring long term performance and ease of maintenance. While our solutions have been used in the water industry for 100 years, the intensification of these challenges has led to grooved mechanical pipe joining gaining attention as a simpler, more flexible, cost effective, and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional welding or flanging methods.”

Up to 10 times faster installation

At the heart of the Victaulic booth will be the Advanced Groove System (AGS) for water infrastructure pipes of 14 inches and above. Whereas a traditional large diameter flanged joint requires multiple nuts and bolts to be tightened equally in a star pattern, AGS uses a simple coupling, with only two bolts and nuts, saving on time and labour during installation. It can also easily be removed, reconfigured, or recycled in the future for long term ease of maintenance and sustainability. Victaulic grooved technology for HDPE pipe connections, meanwhile, will show why Victaulic solutions are the fastest and most economical way for joining HDPE pipe.

Installation-Ready™ Technology will also be showcased by Victaulic at IFAT 2024. The single-unit design enables the installer to fit the coupling by simply inserting it onto the grooved end of a pipe and tightening the nuts. Because the nuts, bolts, and gaskets do not need to be removed, the installation process is sped up even further and reduces the number of loose parts that could potentially be dropped or misplaced. It can be installed in less than half the time of standard grooved couplings, six times faster than flanged joints and 10 times faster than welded joints.

Resilience against seismic and thermal movements

One of the most significant challenges in water pipeline installations is accommodating for differential settlement, which is when soils compact and consolidate at different rates. Differential settlement places stresses on pipe components that are operating under pressure. Contending with differential settlement is a challenge particularly for pipelines because it affects the performance of connectors, joints, and other areas subjected to high stresses. To help overcome this, Victaulic will present the Style 257 Dynamic movement joint, designed to accommodate for angular deflection and rotation and provides up to 4” of differential settlement. The joint can also be customised to accommodate up to 1mt/1000mm of settlement based on client and project requirements and accommodates seismic and thermal movement.

Easily adaptable connections

Besides speed of installation and long-term reliability, another benefit of the Victaulic grooved mechanical pipe joining method is its ability to adapt to unforeseen challenges on site. Unlike flanged or welded joints that offer little room for adjustment, Victaulic couplings can accommodate misalignments or obstructions caused by columns or existing structures. If a pipe needs adjustment, it can simply be cut to the length required and grooved on site. This flexibility minimises wasted materials and saves valuable time when navigating unexpected complications during installation.

Visitors to the Victaulic stand at IFAT 2024 can witness live demonstrations of the RG3600 StrengThin™ 100 roll grooving tool, showcasing the ease of pipe grooving and assembly with Victaulic couplings. Designed for thin-wall stainless steel pipes, the Victaulic StrengThin™ 100 system addresses the need for robust pipe connectors capable of withstanding increasing water pressure. It is the first grooved mechanical pipe connection system for thin wall stainless steel pipe that accommodates pressures up to 16 bar.

Performance and sustainability

Recognising the growing consideration of sustainability by decisionmakers in the water industry, Victaulic is keen to emphasise its grooved mechanical pipe joining method’s zero-emission installation, reduced waste, and potential for future reconfiguration and recycling. Victaulic products themselves are also made from up to 98% recycled content and using electric induction furnaces, which use significantly less energy and, therefore, emit significantly less CO2 per tonne of steel and traditional blast furnaces.

“Grooved pipe joining technology continues to evolve and change the way the water industry looks at piping systems,” says Dale. “We’re delighted to return to IFAT in 2024 and discuss how we can collaborate with customers to deliver new levels of productivity, efficiency, and sustainability at every level of water management.”