Water Treatment - Disinfection Equipment

UV Disinfection Equipment Market on the Rise

May 2017

Water Treatment - Disinfection Equipment

UV Disinfection Equipment Market on the Rise

May 2017

The UV disinfection market is expanding as customary chlorine-based disinfection is being replaced with advanced disinfection techniques on account of rising consumer, global and corporate awareness about the health hazards from chemical based disinfection.

As a matter of fact, UV disinfection is coupled with ozone technology in order to ward off unfavorable factors that cause gastrointestinal problems and diseases. The UV disinfection equipment market is driven by governments endeavoring to introduce stringent water quality laws, which in turn has led to intense competition in the global market.

The trend of combined use of ozone and UV disinfection has been increasing in order to create multiple barriers for Cryptosporidium (a disease causing gastrointestinal illness and diarrhea) and Giardia (the protozoan parasites causing Giardiasis).

The Long Term 2 (LT2) Surface Water Treatment Rule of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) demonstrates that public water systems in the U.S. which use surface water or ground water are required to reduce the Cryptosporidium levels in source water by 2-logs (99 percent). Cryptosporidium microorganisms are chlorine-resistant and can be filtered through UV disinfection. This lays further opportunities for the advanced disinfection techniques including the UV.

The introduction of stringent water quality laws is one of the primary growth factors for the UV disinfection equipment market. To improve water quality, public water bodies and governments of several countries across the world have started to introduce strict laws that state minimum water quality, demand water quality improvement, and mandate the usage of disinfection technologies.

Market research analysts predict that the global ultraviolet disinfection equipment market will grow steadily during 2016-2020 and post a CAGR of almost 16 percent by 2020. This market is characterized by the presence of a considerable number of global vendors and appears to be highly fragmented.

The established players mainly concentrate on the market in the Americas and EMEA to gain a competitive advantage due to the expansion of the water treatment market. North America is the hub for UV Disinfection equipment market due to hygiene and safety concerns, mainly in food, and healthcare industries.

the global ultraviolet disinfection equipment market will grow steadily during 2016-2020

The market leader is the municipal water treatment plants operated by local governments. The early adoption and supporting government policies has accelerated the growth and application of UV disinfection technologies. This market is mainly driven by United States due to supporting government policies, cost efficiency and government initiatives for all citizens, to provide safe drinking water.

Most of the companies in the UV disinfection equipment market hail from the North American region. Some of the key North America based companies are xylem Inc., Trojan Technologies, Calgon Carbon Corporation, Atlantic Ultraviolet Corporation and Aquionics Inc. due top presence of these companies in North America the water and wastewater treatment needs of the local governments in this region can easily be met.

The market is primarily driven by the development of new UV disinfection equipment, which is low in cost, more effective, environmentally friendly, easily operated and has residue-free functioning. It is estimated that EMEA will be the major revenue contributor to the market during 2016-2020.

The increasing growth of water treatment market and stringent regulations that demand wastewater facilities to alter their disinfection techniques to improve safety levels will propel the market's growth prospects.

Moreover, the Western European countries, including the U.K., France and Spain, are expected to invest around USD123.8 billion by 2017 in the treatment of drinking water and water network facilities which is expected to increase the UV disinfection market of the region significantly.

This investment will include refurbishments as well as building of new water and wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Both are expected to raise scope for the UV disinfection equipment market as outdated disinfection equipment is expected to be replaced by newer technologies including UV disinfection.