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The Best RV Holding Tank Sensors

November 2022

Pumps & Flow Meters - Leveling

The Best RV Holding Tank Sensors

November 2022

One of the most annoying things about RVing, especially for boondockers, is figuring out how much stuff lies inside the holding tanks. Holding tank sensors are supposed to make this task easy, but many are unreliable and provide false readings.

  1. RecPro RV Water Tank Probe Sensors

If we are looking for a simple solution, RecPro’s RV Water Tank Probe Sensors should be near the top of the consideration list. These sensors offer a straightforward construction while providing outstanding results.

These results can be expected to last a long time, as well. These sensors are made up of stainless steel and vulcanized rubber grommets to ensure top-flight durability. Plus, their rust-resistant hardware will do an excellent job keeping them in good shape within the harshest environments.

Multiple buyers attested to their durability in this product’s customer reviews. These types of reports are what any buyer wants to see when researching these devices.

The sensors’ screw-in design was another top-tier feature. Upon testing, It was found that there is no trouble installing them into any RV black water tank design, which is a miracle. The ability to do these sorts of tasks isn’t worth bragging about: newbie RVers won’t even have issues with it.

  1. Valterra T21301VP RV Horst Miracle Probes

Valterra’s T21301VP RV Horst Miracle Probes is a perfect solution for people who keep getting false readings from their black tank sensors. These products are designed specifically for dealing with the environments that lie inside a black water tank.

For instance, these sensors have a specially designed roof to ensure accurate readings. Valterra put it into their designs to stop toilet paper from being a common nuisance. This attribute was one that several buyers made a point to praise in their customer reviews.

The “roof” feature is thrilling, too, but what is more impressing is the versatility of these sensors. These products can fit into all ⅜-inch diameter holes and compatible with most existing monitors/wiring diagrams.

Most RV owners shouldn’t have any trouble installing them right into where their old sensors were located. It’s an ability that makes this entire process less taxing and time-consuming than with other holding tank sensors.

  1. RecPro Miracle RV Holding Tank Sensors

The RecPro Miracle RV Holding Tank Sensors have become a favorite among rig owners for a number of different reasons. It is believed that most of them are such happy customers because of the excellent design.

What makes this design such a hit? Well, these sensors feature an extended sensory pin and hood to ensure false readings are a thing of the past. It is actually expected that this hood feature is to prevent almost all pieces of residue from getting stuck onto the sensor.

The extended sensory pin is crucial because it allows these sensors to get a more accurate and complete reading of a tank’s liquid level. An RV owner can expect the right information to be coming from their holding tanks whenever utilizing these sensors.

Aside from these stellar design features, the stainless steel head is also thrilling. It should have no trouble providing excellent durability and long-term use. I would expect these sensors to last more than a few years with this top-tier design.

The included directions were another massive highlight for me. In most cases, any instructions that come with these devices are entirely unreadable. But these made installing the sensors a relatively uneventful and straightforward task.

Some other notable features include being a set of four, ⅜-inch diameter, black water tank usage, and excellent customer service. Each of these aspects only further conveys this option’s overall convenience.

  1. Full Spectrum Parts ‎T21302 RV Water Tank Level Sensors

The next option, Full Spectrum Parts ‎T21302 RV Water Tank Level Sensor, is an intriguing set of devices for freshwater or gray holding tanks. It is difficult not to be impressed by how well they work after installing them.

Each RV tank level sensor had no issues providing accurate readings, which many options struggle to do.

This successful performance would be attributed to their rather intriguing design. These sensors were made with an uncovered end piece to ensure they were highly sensitive. So far, no complaints have been recorded as this design only seems to make them effective.

The installation process wasn’t overly complex, either. Full Spectrum Parts ensured these sensors were compatible with existing wiring for Horst Miracle Probes. So no severe rewiring or complicated maneuvering is required to make them work.

Another appealing aspect was the variety of buying options. Each buyer will have a choice between five quantities, ranging from two sensors to ten sensors.

  1. LevelGuard Z25302RK Monitoring System

RV owners looking to replace their entire tank monitoring system should seriously consider LevelGuard’s Z25302RK 200 RV 2-Tank Monitoring System. After all, it’s capable of providing accurate, reliable readings of two tanks simultaneously.

One of the reasons for its effective results is its sensor placement. This monitoring system has sensors that attach to the tank’s exterior rather than the interior. As a result, it becomes unaffected by buildups of toilet paper and other residues.

This placement encourages better readings by merely addressing the issue, causing many other sensors problems.

It also doesn’t hurt that these sensors are attached with a highly effective adhesive that can withstand vibration and moisture without issue. This aspect alone has made the monitoring system a real godsend for many rig owners.